Previous Names of Mouse Rat: 
Andy and the D-Bags 
The Andy Andy Andys 
Andy Dwyer Experience 
Angel Snack / Angelsnack 
Crack Finger / Crackfinger 
Death of a Scam Artist 
Department of Homeland Obscurity 
Everything Rhymes with Orange 
Five Skin / Fiveskin 
Flames for Flames 
Four Skin / Fourskin 
God Hates Figs 
Hand Rail Suicide / Handrail Suicide 
Jet Black Pope 
Just the Tip 
Malice in Chains 
Mouse Rat (they switch back to this several times) 
Muscle Confusion 
Ninja Dick / Ninjadick 
Nothing Rhymes with Blorange 
Nothing Rhymes with Orange 
Penis Pendulum 
Possum Pendulum 
Punch Face Champions 
Puppy Pendulum 
Rad Wagon / Radwagon 
Razor Dick / Razordick 
Scarecrow Boat 
Tackle Shaft / Tackleshaft 
Teddy Bear Suicide 
Three Skin / Threeskin 
Two Doors Down 
Andy once suggested: Scrotation Marks  
Ann suggests: Baby in a Straight Jacket  
Leslie says the phrase "Eagle Eye Hawk", and Andy "calls it" as a band name.  
Every one of Andy's songs has the line "Spread your wings and fly" and/or "You deserve to be a champion"  
When Mouse Rat plays without Andy, they call themselves Rat Mouse.

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