The easy way attracts a lot of people. Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Ali Barter is not one of them. 
In these on demand times of over-hyped pop idols and dubiously talented internet sensations, Ali possess the natural chops to have garnered attention the old fashioned way – through unabashed raw talent, passionate determination and steadfast hard work. 
Ali's clear, ringing tone has a habit of elevating every note she sings, evoking comparisons to a long list of incomparable artists: Patsy Cline, Cat Power, Aimee Mann, Laura Marling and Feist. Her music covers a gamut of styles: electronic, folk and indie, with traces of blues and dreamy pop – consistently showcasing her singular soprano voice.  
Ali continues writing and co-writing songs, and raising her profile on the live circuit, one gig at a time.

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