Philip Kay is a prolific and versatile UK based contemporary composer. His compositions have been featured on a number of high-profile and award-winning projects including advertising campaigns for Puma, Coca-Cola, Stella Artois, Apple and others; video game music for the hit Playstation 3 title, 'Infamous'; and a number of television shows including Breaking Bad and CSI NY. 
Born in Manchester, UK in 1982, Kay found his way into composition by less than conventional means. Eshewing a formal musical education, he instead taught himself all aspects of traditional music theory whilst at the same time satisfying a burgeoning passion for cutting edge experimental pop music. 
In 2001 he formed the band Working For A Nuclear Free City whose debut record, Businessmen & Ghosts received ecstatic reception on it's release in 2007, culminating in a nomination for the International equivalent of the Mercury Award - The CMJ Shortlist Prize. 
Since then he has been a sought after composer for projects which require a careful balancing act between the traditional scoring approach and the musical idioms of the 21st century.

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Axe Peace Commercial

Axe Peace Commercial

Dates: - May 2014
This Television Commercial refers to Philip Kay
Philip Kay composed the music in this Super Bowl ad.

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