Runaway GO is a Belfast based Indie Pop band. Fronted by joint vocalists Dave Jackson and Fiona O'Kane, with Javed Love on drums, Chris Jackson on bass and James Lappin on guitar. Described as “one of the best bands in the country” who play "mesmerizing performances" which are often described as "a rare spectacle", they genuinely are one of the most exciting and original bands to surface in some time. 
They write dynamic songs, sing with passion, embrace their audience, creating an atmosphere of something wonderful. Their sound is defined by the two lead vocalists who could not be more different. Their haunting harmonies build with an energy that can only be described as electrifying. Audiences are compelled to sing along with Dave and Fiona, even those experiencing runaway GO for the first time. 
Their ambition is to be recognized as credible and respected songwriters. Their dream is not to be one of the most exciting bands in Northern Ireland, the dream is much bigger - they want to be the next band who truly puts Ireland on the map. A huge dream for five friends from Belfast.

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