Don, Teach, Bobby conspire to steal a coin collection from a man. Don, who owns the junk shop where all the scenes take place, sold a coin to a man for much less than what he now suspects it's worth. He and his young gofer, Bobby, plan to steal the coin back. Teach, a poker buddy of Don's, persuades Don that Bobby is too inexperienced and untrustworthy for the burglary. Teach suggests himself as Bob's replacement on the mission. Teach suggests they steal the whole coin collection and more. Don insists on their poker buddy Fletcher going with Teach. Teach continues to argue that he can do without Fletcher. At night, Teach and Don make final preparations to begin the burglary while waiting for Fletcher. Teach argues that he'll go without Fletcher and declares Fletcher a liar and a cheater at cards. Teach is preparing to go on his own and Don is telling Teach to calm down and leave his gun, when Bob appears at the store. Bobby attempts to sell Don a rare coin, similar to the one Don sold. When asked where he got the nickel, Bob evades. It seems Teach thinks that Bobby and Fletcher organized a competing burglary behind their backs. He asks Bob where Fletcher is. Bobby says Fletcher got mugged and is in a hospital, but when Don calls the hospital, no Fletcher. Bob says he got mixed up what hospital but by this time a suspicious Teach strikes Bobby on the head with a metal object. Then another friend calls corroborating Bobby's story and naming the correct hospital, which Don calls and confirms. Don admonishes Teach for wounding Bob and orders him to get his car so they can take him to the hospital.

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The English Teacher Commercial

The English Teacher Commercial

Dates: - August 2013
This Television Commercial refers to American Buffalo written by David Mamet
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