English Translation by John Dewey 
Be silent: guard your tongue, and keep 
All inmost thoughts and feelings deep 
Within your heart concealed. There let 
Them in their courses rise and set, 
Like stars in jewelled night, unheard: 
Admire them, and say not a word. 
How can the soul its flame impart? 
How can another know your heart, 
The truths by which you live and die? 
A thought, once uttered, is a lie, 
The limpid spring defiled, once stirred: 
Drink of it, and say not a word. 
Make but the inward life your goal – 
Seek out that world within your soul;  
Mysterious, magic thoughts are there 
Which if the outer din and glare 
Intrude, will fade and be not heard: 
Drink in their song — and not a word!

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