English Translation by John Dewey 
You, my wave upon the ocean, 
Creature of caprice and whim, 
Whether resting or in motion, 
With what wondrous life you brim! 
Laughing in the sunlight, flashing 
Heaven’s mirrored edifice, 
Or in frenzy tossing, thrashing 
In the turbulent abyss – 
How you charm me with the gentle 
Murmur of your love-filled sighs – 
Move me with your elemental 
Raging, your prophetic cries! 
Be you by the rip-tide shaken, 
Be your aspect dark or bright, 
Yet keep safe what you have taken, 
Guard it in your azure night. 
To your gentle undulation 
Votive offering I made: 
Not a ring was my oblation, 
Neither emerald nor jade – 
In that fateful moment, carried 
Onwards by enchantment rare, 
In your depths not these I buried, 
But my heart, that beats yet there.

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What Television Commercials feature this Poem?

It is featured in...
The State Tretyakov Gallery Commercial

The State Tretyakov Gallery Commercial

Dates: - March 2017
This Television Commercial features Mobile comme l'onde written by Fyodor Tyutchev

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