For Misty, by Saul Williams 
The systemic structure 
built to keep me in place 
is the stage I dance on. 
Black and Woman.  
Motherships, my mother’s hips  
beheld deep space. 
Astronaut of corporal grace. 
Born in a land mine. 
As an idea points its toe to flex  
to shape the form of possibility 
I am testament 
twirled into afterthought 
the touch and taste of epiphany. 
To match my strength  
is to feel your own  
Yet, like any born 
to blaze a trail 
to sing a song 
and land in jail 
to risk it all 
to change the game  
to shift the form 
and take its name  
when chased by dogs  
and pats des chats 
to shatter norms 
to solo and 
to feel alone 
to take up space 
in history’s home  
to harbor hopes  
wishes and dreams 
?to bring the untold  
into being 
The oppressor's gaze  
ain’t all-eye-seeing  
I'm unlike any.

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