Joseph knelt while in his youth 
And prayed to the Lord to know the truth. 
I will sincerely pray as Joseph did. 
He prayerfully translated plates of gold. 
He did the work that he was told. 
I will serve the Lord as Joseph did. 
Joseph received the priesthood dear. 
He taught the gospel without fear. 
I will defend the Church as Joseph did. 
Joseph was martyred in Carthage Jail, 
But in his mission he did not fail. 
I will obey God’s will as Joseph did. 
And in these latter days of choices, 
I will listen to the prophets’ voices. 
I will return with honor as Joseph did.

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What Television Episodes reference this Poem?

It is referred to by...
Litchfield's Got Talent part of Orange is the New Black Season 5

Orange is the New Black:
Season: 5 / Episode: 4

Litchfield's Got Talent

This Television Episode refers to As Joseph Did written by Tara Wade
Mormon guard, Ryder Blake, performed a version of this poem about Joseph Smith for the talent show

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