Golden years ago, in a mill beside the sea, 
There dwelt a little maiden, Who plighted her love to me, 
The mill-wheel now is silent, the maid's eyes closed be, 
And all that now remains of her are the words she said to me. 
Do not forget me 
Oh do not forget me. 
Think sometime of me still 
When the morning breaks 
And the throstle awakes 
Remember the maid of the mill. 
Do not forget me 
Oh do not forget me 
Remember the maid 
The Maid of the Mill. 
Leaden years have pass'd, and gray haired I look'd around, 
The earth has no such maidens now, Such millwheel turn not around, 
But when e'er I think of Heaven, and of what the angels be, 
I see again that little maid, and hear her words to me.

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