Home to me is by your side  
Take the wheel, I’m along for the ride  
I tried to be brave, but I guess I lied  
When I said I was fine without you  
I don’t need to make future plans 
As long as you just hold my hand 
I want you to know I understand, 
I’m patient, 
I don’t doubt you 
I’ll go anywhere anytime  
I’ll go anywhere anytime  
I’ll go anywhere anytime  
With you, with you  
When you’re up in the sky above the sea and the clouds 
Think of how I called your name out loud 
Think of how if you weren’t so proud  
You could be my lover 
And then when your plane touches solid ground 
And the taxi whisks you on into town 
In the glittering lights I’ll be all around  
Cuz we belong with each other 
Oh, I’ll go anywhere anytime 
I’ll go anywhere anytime honey  
I’ll go anywhere anytime 
With you, with you 
If you’re up for an adventure let’s go  
Take a warm coat for the snow  
I’ll bring the snacks, you take the wheel  
I can’t explain, but every time it rains  
This is how I feel

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