Express yourself 
Express yourself 
You don't ever need help 
From nobody else 
All you got to do now 
Express yourself 
Whatever you do, huh 
Do it good, huh 
Whatever you do, do, do, love, love 
Do it good, all right 
It's not what you look like 
When you're doin what you're doin 
It's what you're doin when you're doin 
what you look like you're doin 
Express yourself 
Express yourself 
They're doin it on the moon, yeah, huh 
In the jungle too, huh 
Everybody on the floor now, huh 
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Jumpin like the kangaroo 
So let the horns do the thing they do, y'all 
Huh, huh, huh, huh 
So people have everything 
And other people don't 
But everything don't mean a thing 
If it aint the thing you want 
Express yourself, huh 
Express yourself 
Oh do it 
Oh do it 
Do it to it 
Go on and do it 
Y'all do it 
Express yourself 
Express yourself 
Do it 

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