You best believe I'm love baby! 
She's got that demon eyes 
Wants a little something from that special guy 
It's there right in her eyes 
Though she's not pretending she could tell no lies 
She hiding like a spy 
Hoping he would take her body to the sky 
Love makes her start to fly 
She feels a little sweeter like an apple pie 
She's got that crazy side 
Wants to open up so he can realise 
That she is paralysed 
By the divas hangin' over compromise 
Oh, love me, oh oh oh 
Just love me, oh oh oh 
Just hold me, oh oh oh 
Just kiss me, oh oh oh 
Just want me, oh oh oh 
Love, love, love, love! 
Don't try to runaway 
Cuz you know that it would get you down someday 
Those secretes in your life 
Fallin for your love will never be the same 
Can't speak or play the game 
You were so distracted you forgot your name 
You stutter by his face 
Or maybe her reflection on the windowframe 
What's this you want to say? 
How you wish that you could tell them either way 
But then you start to flower 
Open up and tell them it's the final hour 
How you just fell in love 
Fell a little harder than you thought you would 
How deep is bitter love 
Gotta let it out because you've had enough 
How it is crazy tough 
Heart beats a little faster when you're feeling touched 
This situation's rough 
I'm standing in the rain and I'm beaten up 
Put up your blue umbrella 
Have a little courage to tell him, tell her 
But it is now or never 
Forget about the rain and all the crazy weather

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