She was smitten from the first 
By a curious fellow 
She said I love the way you talk 
And with a flounce she then announces 
I love the way that you pronounce it: "Marshmallow" 
So she liked to sing along 
To her favourite song 
From the year that she was born 
She had mysterious affairs (?) (not sure this line is right) 
Until she woke up in the '80's 
So speak to me 
Just like you should 
And then you can say those wicked things 
And if you want 
We'll make it good 
Before my mood swings 
Well he looked like one of those 
Who would take off his clothes 
Like he would peel a tangerine 
No-one's been known to decline this 
Until I've found out what your sign is 

Pop Culture Connections - Incoming

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