"The Fountain in the Park", also known as "While Strolling Through (or Thru') the Park One Day", is a song by Ed Haley (1862–1932),[1] published in 1884 by Willis Woodward & Co. of New York, but dating from about 1880.[2] It is best known for the being the source of the tune that contains the lyric "While strolling through the park one day, in the merry merry month of May," and has been featured in numerous films, including Strike Up the Band(1940), in which it was sung by Judy Garland.

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A Date to Skate
part of Popeye the Sailor (Fleischer Studios)

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This Movie plays The Fountain in the Park written by Ed Haley
Popeye hums this in the beginning while walking with Olive

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