I see girls 
Here there and everywhere 
Short skirts, long hair 
Love it when they walk, yeah 
I'm on Cloud 9 
You look so fine 
Can't wait to make you mine 
I kinda like the way you walk past 
Gotta take a glance 
Body shaped like an hour glass 
Pulling up to my bumper so hot 
You work so hard, like the way you work it 
I look first, you look back, 
Attracted to the way you shake that, 
Yo, I know you can't fake that, 
So bring it over here, so near, I can touch that, 
One night just isn't enough, 
I wanna have you givin' it up, 
So put ya number on the back of my hand, 
you got a man, but i got other plans, 
So baby girl, c'mon up oh.. 
Y'know I see you girl 
You know I want you girl 
Cause you're driving me crazy 
You know I see you girl 
You know I want you girl 
Cuz you're driving me crazy 
Driving me crazy...

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