Boats 'n' Hoes, I gotta have me more boats 'n hoes. 
The Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria, I'll do you in the bottom while your drinking Sangria. 
Nachos, lemon heads, my dad's boat, you wont go down 'cause my dick can float. 
We sail 'round the world and go port to port, everytime I cum I produce a quart. 
Put on your life vest, let's drop anchor, theres a nice lady whore, I'd like to swank her. 
[Deadliest Catch], without the crabs, we're almost out of gas, call the Arabs. 
I'm a pussy Pirate my name is [Jack Sparrow], take off my pants so you can see my flesh arrow. 
Make sure to wax, use your mom's [Nair] you'll be amazed when I cum in your hair. 
Pull up the anchor cause we're leaving dry land, get below deck with a dick in your hand. 
Anchor's away and shiver me timbers, we like to fuck ladies with an eight in member. 
Love me hookers who be a-curvy, eatin lemons and limes so don't contract the scurvy. 
Drop the archor give that hoe a shout, cuz I'm usin my compass to find a nabby dugout 
Thats the male [Mariah Carey] y'all, give it up!

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