Was it more than attraction and a physical lust? 
Her loins, my imagination, that first inconceivable touch 
That I was planning, er, I mean wishing, uh. 
How embarrassed I'd been if you knew what I was thinking of. 
And whoa, when it started, my first thought was love. 
Not just lust, because when I heard you speak, I felt warm. 
In the evening I saw you, you were warming the bass up. 
Your hair covered your face up. 
I was acting indifferent at the merch booth, putting on makeup. 
We met up at a party in a swamp on a yacht. 
I spun the helm, but we were docked. 
I crossed my fingers, but I didn’t beg, no, 
'Cause I knew you knew, 
'Cause I knew, you knew, I liked you. 
I knew you knew I liked you. 
I knew you knew it, 
But I figured desperate guys 
Never had a chance with you. 
I figured desperate guys 
Never had a chance with you. 
Close to you, wishing we're conjoined at the tongue. 
Can you hear me thinking? I should stop.

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