The kids are diggin' up a brand 
new hole 
Where to put the deadbeat mom 
Grandpa's happy watching video porn 
With the closed-caption on 
And father knwos best 
About suicide and smack 
Well, hee hee hee 
Cancer for the cure 
Cancer for the cure 
Buckle-up and endure now baby 
Cancer for the cure 
-Ol blue eyes is back again 
But he never was here in the first place 
A heart attach may be something to fear 
But take a look out back 
'Cause Courtney need love 
And so do I 
Well, hee hee hee 
Cancer for the cure 
Cancer for the 
Cure my baby 
Buckle-up and endure now sweet thing 
The cancer for the cure

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American Beauty

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  • Type: Movie
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