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Amy: Well it's the last show before Christmas, girls.
Kristen: How are you guys gonna spend the holidays?
Maya: My holiday's gonna be super special this year.
Amy & Kristen: Do tell!
Maya: I'm spending it with my new guy.
Amy: So am I.
Kristen: Me too.
Maya: What's he like?
Amy: Well, I'll tell you.

I've got a new man this holiday
Someone who won't let me down
A guy whose eyes always sparkle
A man who can show you the town
My boyfriend knows when I'm sleeping
He always treats me right
He knows if I've been bad or good
But when I'm naughty he thinks it's nice

Santa's my boyfriend
Oh yes, Santa's the one that I love
I believe he is real
Because I can still feel
The touch of his furry white glove (ah!)

'Cause Santa's my boyfriend
Oh I've never been in love like this
When he comes down my chimney
I am weak in the knees
Because it's his kiss that's first on my list

Amy: I like it when we jump in his sleigh and he takes me to the North Pole.
Kristen & Maya: Ain't he the greatest?
Kristen: He told me that he loves the taste of my milk and cookies.
Amy & Maya: He told me the same thing.
Maya: When everybody else is putting up their stockings, he's taking mine down!
All: You get the picture.

Santa's my boyfriend
He keeps me warm in the cold winter snow
He's jolly and kind
And I don't even mind
When he sees me and shouts, "Ho ho ho!"

Santa's my boyfriend
And we'll have a wonderful life
I can't wait 'til the time
When he'll truly be mine
And leave his bitch of a wife

Amy: He's gonna leave her, right?
Kristen: Well of course he's gonna leave her. He promised.
Maya: They always promise and usually works out, right?

Oh live, live from New York it's Saturday night.

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