Find out what she is doing with her Samsung Galaxy Tab S. 
An acclaimed artist shows off her amazing skills with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S to become a Fruit Annihilator – her new greatest work.  
Get the tablet designed for play with its astonishing color. Samsung GALAXY Tab S.  
"#TabletRealities with the Samsung GALAXY Tab S - Artist"

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Meet Monique Veillette. Sold her first painting at age 5 1/2. Her work is part of the permanent collection in seven national galleries. And though she got her tablet for its superior color palate, she considers becoming the fruit annihilator her greatest work. You're a modern day master, Monique. Designed for astonishing color. Designed for play.

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Monique Veillette 
Sold her first painting at age five 
Featured in seven national galleries 
Designed for astonishing color 
Designed for play 
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 
Super AMOLED display. Vision redefined.

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