You’ll never guess where this loving mother of four is taken when she sees the stunning blue eyes of a cowboy on the Super AMOLED display of her Samsung Galaxy Tab S. 
Get the tablet designed for play with its astonishing color. Samsung GALAXY Tab S.  
"#TabletRealities with the Samsung GALAXY Tab S - Mom"

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Meet Amanda Hayward. Loving mother of four. Founder of the Bright Minds reading program at her childrens' school. And though she got her tablet to help her children with their education, the moment she saw the steely blue eyes of Sheriff Yeston on this screen, she was taken deeper into the Wild West than any book ever could. You're welcome, Amanda. Designed for astonishing color. Designed for play.

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Amanda Hayward 
Mother of four 
Founder of Bright Minds School 
Designed for astonishing color 
Designed for play 
Samsung Galaxy Tab S 
Super AMOLED display. Vision redefined.

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