With the power of iPhone 5s, you're more powerful than you think. In this commercial, the iPhone 5s is used for testing wind speed, setting a stone in a ring, translating words to help treat a sick child, creating a flight path, getting notifications at the fire station of fires, checking the heart rate of a horse, projecting an image onto a wall where a mural is to be painted, testing the pH of a swamp/marsh. "Apple - iPhone 5s - Dreams"

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Can I take her pulse? Structure fire, we got multiple calls, guys! Let's go! Let's roll! (Lyrics) When I grow up I'll be the hero Of my storybook I'll start out zero And rise and fall and rise and fall again When I grow up The sun will greet me I practice every move, so inspired When I grow up I'll be good and strong I'll create a world where I belong When I grow up

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You're more powerful than you think iPhone 5s

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