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Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Ooh, I love those. 
I gotta check 'em now. I'm just crazy about nutrition. Oh, OK, I'm good. 
Here's that contact I was telling you about. Best doula ever. She's amazing. 
Great. Got it!  
And I got this book for you. 
Thank you! 
You're so sweet.  
Wait, can I see that? 
Do I need that? 
She's sweet, but she knows everything about everything. 
She really does.  
She's not just a pretty face.

Written Text

Grether's Pastilles 
The Kind Mama 
Alicia Silverstone 
At The Push Of A Button 
Instantly Recognize 
& More 
fire Phone 
Exclusively on AT&T 
Try It. Buy It.

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