In this Don't Touch My Dart commercial, no one can touch Craig Robinson’s Dart. Not even his best friend-slash-neighbor. How would you prevent someone from touching your new car? 
"Official Dodge Dart Commercial | Don't Touch My Dart | Garage Door – Mmmm Mmmm"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Oh, you got it! I love the looks of it.  
Nobody touches my Dodge Dart, Jake Johnson. 
Not even your best friend-slash-neighbor? 
No one.  
I can still get in, Craig. 
I'd like to see you try. 
All I'd have to do is roll in, dude. 
Let's see it. 
I choose not to right now. 
Come on, Indiana. 
Come on, let me in! Let me in! 
Mmm mmm. 
Let me sit in the car! 
Mmm mmm. 
Don't touch my Dart.

Written Text

Don't Touch My Dart .com 
Dodge Dart

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