In this Don't Touch My Dart commercial, Craig Robinson and Jake Johnson attempt to answer the age-old question: Can you touch a car with your voice? Not Craig’s Dart. 
"Official Dodge Dart Commercial | Don't Touch My Dart | Voice Touching"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What's up, Jake? 
That depends, man. What are you doing? 
Just cruising around in my new ride. 
Oh, the one I'm not supposed to touch, right? 
You got it. 
Guess what? I'm touching it right now, Craig. 
What are you talking about, Jake? 
With my voice. 
That doesn't make any sense. 
You let me in, man, by answering and I like it in here. 
You're not touching it. Touch is physical, your voice isn't physical. 
My soundwaves are pouring out of your speakers, penetrating every cubic inch... 
Stop disrespecting her! 
Ooh and the Dart likes it, don't you, Dart? 
Get your filthy voice off of her, Jake!

Written Text

Craig's Phone 
Call Time: 0:03 
Jake Johnson 
Don't Touch My Dart .com 
Dodge Dart

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