#SwaggerWagon is back and it's better than ever! See the effect it's had on the Neubert family and their good friend Busta Rhymes. 
"Swagger Wagon ft. Busta Rhymes | 2015 Toyota Sienna"

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All right. Listen up mother, fathers. This one's about the Swagger Wagon. I'll wash your mouth out with soap if you call it a minivan. That's a dirty word. Drop that beat! 
Swagger wagon, swagger wagon 
Swag-wag-wag-wag swagger wagon 
Swagger wagon, swagger wagon 
Swag-wag-wag-wag swagger wagon 
Yeah it's called the Swagger Wagon 
I know that it sounds like braggin' 
When we pull up to karate 
Other parents tongues are waggin' 
They be like, who that is? 
It's just us and the kids 
Swaggin' hard until it's dark 
Gettin' home around 8 PM 
Then it's lights out kids, OK? 
Hey, rules are rules 
We gonna roll in the swagger wagon 
The neighbors know 
'Cause their rides are laggin' 
That's how we go 
Books on tape are blastin' 
Wipe off your shoes when you step inside my 
Swagger wagon 
Our swag smoothin' butter is louder than thunder 
We kick it like punters 
In matching red jumpers 
Hittin' speed bumps over the limit 
? on time never late one minute 
Homework turned in right around  
Getting everything  
Now we have like summer 
So you ain't gotta wonder 
How dad hurt his rumba while unloading lumber 
He shouted "Oh brother!"  
Well, not exactly "Oh brother" 
He said *honk honk* 
Then, "don't tell your mother" 
Whoa! No swearing! You are in trouble later. I am taking over this song. Luckily, Sirius XM has tons of great channels. 
Wait, wait, but, why are you talking like that? Did you just do product placement inside our Swagger Wagon music video? 
Yeah, how else do you think we got Busta Rhymes on the track? 
Swagger Wagon 
I'm looking forward to this. 
Swagger wagon, swag-wag-wag-wag swagger wagon 
Look, I done been around the world and every square inch of the planet  
And don't matter where we at we keep it fresh down to the fabric 
Keep it regal, sharp as a needle 
You know that it's a habit 
All my folks is powerful people 
You know we got it mastered 
I see the way you do it and the way you get to crackin 
You pull up, rims shinin'  
Trust me I'm diggin' your wagon 
Again we go across the Almanac 
Yeah I know who be the waviest 
But when it comes to this cul-de-sac this family is the craziest 
Swagger wagon, swagger wagon 
Swag-wag-wag-wag swagger wagon 
We love being parents 
But when it's tough to bear it 
We need a night out  
Call up Marco and Karen 
Dressed up to the nines 
Then after we dine 
Our first time in a club since 2009 
It's a parents night out 
So much fun and then about a quarter to ten when we're tired no doubt 
No doubt 
We're headed back home they got kids so you know 
They're asleep in their seats and I'm rappin' alone 
Swagger wagon, swagger wagon 
Swa-swa-swa-swa-swagger wagon 
We gon' roll 
The neighbors know their rides are laggin 
That's how we go 
Books on tape are blastin' 
Wipe off your shoes 
When you step inside my swagger wagon

Written Text

The Neuberts 
"Swagger Wagon" 
Dir. Rhys Thomas 
Walker Music 
2015 Toyota Sienna 
Let's Go Places

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