John Jackson enjoys the rugged high desert terrain at the base of the White Mountains near Mammoth, CA in his sand rail. 
"GoPro: John Jackson Sand Rail"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Here we go! 
You could totally launch this though. 
Yeah, maybe this will work. Yeah, this will be a good jump, actually I think. Let's just try it! 
Fuckin' A. Kinda had a feeling we were about to break down. it's a familiar sound.  
We pushed our luck a little too far. I was kinda feeling like the breakdown was coming upon us. It's calming a breakdown. I breakdown all the time. We've got a bit of a walk. 
Are we gonna die? 
(Lyrics) I don't need your ? to tear me down 
I finally found someone but you sure do look like fun 
But I need this ? to keep me down 
She found me a little ? too long 
She found me I hope she's not too mad 
Say she is the best of me but I just found the rest of me tonight 
She found me a little way too long 
She said she won't but she was calling on the phone 
She found me

Written Text

Be a HERO. 
John Jackson's Sand Rail 
Josh Lippi

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