This VW Golf commercial begins with a man talking on the phone with his girlfriend, agreeing to dinner. When she suggests having dinner at his place, he looks around at his threadbare apartment and panics. He spends the day driving around town in his VW Golf, picking up furnishings, wall decor, groceries and flowers in preparation for his date. When the woman arrives for dinner, he attempts to open the door to let her in, but his newly purchased dining table is blocking the door from opening more than a crack. 
"All-new VW Golf Cargo Space | Hatchback Cargo Space"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Yeah, dinner sounds good. 
I could come by your place. 
My place? 
Uh, hold on. 
Introducing the all-new Volkswagen Golf. Plenty of room for whatever life throws at you.

Written Text

Introducing the all-new Golf. 
Ready. Set. Golf. 
Das Auto. 

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