Life is messy. This commercial for Delta kitchen and bathroom faucets begins with children playing in a muddy yard, digging in the dirt and having a ball. Next, a table full of people and dirty dinner dishes. Then a couple is hiking through the woods, getting dirty along the way, but enjoying the beauty of nature. Following the hikers is a large group of runners in a Color Run, getting blasted with paint as they run toward the finish line. Then we see the mother giving her two children (the kids from the start of the ad) a bubble bath, getting some soapy suds on herself in the process. The nature hikers are washing up in the sink. The Color Run runner is rinsing off the various shades of paint in the shower. 
"HappiMess Anthem"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When Delta bath, shower, toilet and faucet innovations make getting clean just as beautiful as getting dirty, that's happy mess (happimess). See what Delta can do. 
(Lyrics) We belong to where we're going 
Where we're going 
We belong to where we're going 
Where we're going 
Oh oh

Written Text

see what Delta can do 

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