This is a commercial for Mary Kay brand cosmetics. This ad shows different women wearing Mary Kay cosmetics, making their lives brighter and more beautiful. Women are shown with balloons, flowers, travel trailers, friends, cakes, all the good things in life. "Brand Color"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Discover what you love at or with your Mary Kay independent beauty consultant. (Lyrics) I'm rising up Sometimes I wanna get away I-I Before the moment I met ya I'm ready to fade Yeah, you shine a little light of me Send me your love again 'Cause you're my miracle, miracle, miracle Yeah, can't describe but I'll leave it in a Miracle, Miracle

Written Text

Mary Kay We Love Confidence Big Dreams Captivating Color I Love MK Beautiful Skin Generous Hearts And Celebrating You Discover what you love

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Mary Kay

Mary Kay Commercial

Mary Kay Commercial