For AW14 L’Agent by AP is the lost explorer’s sparkling mirage of everything he’d ever dreamt of - and more. Watch the AW14 Campaign video directed by and starring Penelope Cruz. 
A dude is crawling through the desert when a carload of chicks, driven by Penelope Cruz pulls up. All of the gals hop out of the car. Obviously they just took a long trip, because they need to get out and stretch - and take off their clothes. Of course, the ladies are wearing crazy sexy underthings, bending and stretching to show 'em all off. What's next? Some aerobics, of course. I don't recall any of my long road trips going like this, but then again, I've never driven through the desert. Back to the the girls continue to work on their fitness, a drumline shows up, keeping a beat as they pull out the jumpropes. This sort of activity continues for a while till the end, where the man crawling through the desert is surrounded by the girls - bending over him, probably making his wildest dreams come true. Except it's just that. A dream. A dehydrated dream. He wakes up and all he's left with is a dusty pair of granny panties. 
"L'Agent by AP - AW14 Campaign Video"

Written Text

by Agent Provocateur 
Written and Directed By Penelope Cruz 
Music By Optimist (Edu Cruz) 
'Single Dutch' 
John Kortajarena 
Produced by  
RSA Films 
Choreography Courtesy of 
The Tracy Anderson Method

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