In this Don't Touch My Dart commercial, Craig Robinson discovers Jake Johnson mounting a birdhouse above his precious Dodge Dart—thankfully no birds were in the area. 
"Official Dodge Dart Commercial | Don't Touch My Dart | Birdhouse – Police"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What are you doing, Jake? Hang that in your own tree! 
It's my tree, I'm just trying to do something nice for the neighborhood birds. 
You don't care about the birds, you're just trying to get their droppings on my Dart.  
I've always supported birds. They're one of nature's miracles. 
What's this even, it's not even part of a tree. 
Sure it is. It's to feed the birds. 
Look where you put the bird house! 
I didn't even notice your car here. I literally didn't even notice it. 
It's coming down.  
It's not coming down. 
Oh, it's coming down. 
I'll call the police. 
I hope you do. 
I would love to call the police then. 
I would love to see you think the police would side with you on this.

Written Text

Don't Touch My Dart .com 
Dodge Dart

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