In this Don't Touch My Dart commercial, Craig Robinson harmonically explains to Jake Johnson that with the affordable leasing programs on the Dodge Dart he should not be mad, he should get his own. "Official Dodge Dart Commercial | Don't Touch My Dart | Leasing Options - Affordable Programs"

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Hey, Jake! Come on over here for a second! Why you wanna touch my Dart so bad? Why's he wanna touch it? Who said I wanted to touch it? Jake you know they got affordable leasing programs. Just think Jake you could get your own and you could touch it whenever you wanted. You could touch it all the time. All the time. I don't wanna touch your Dart. I know you're mad, Jake, but you gotta get your own. I'm not mad. I know you're mad, Jake. But you got to get your own. I know you're mad, Jake. I'm getting mad. But I wasn't. But you got to get your own.

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