A man and his son are in the Toyota dealership, looking for a new truck to tow the young boy's science project. The boy shows Jan a picture of the Toyota Tundra pulling the space shuttle. Jan explains that they have good timing, because it's the annual clearance event at Toyota. The father begins to explain to Jan that "we" built a shuttle and that he is expecting to get an "A" on the project. Jan asks if the father means that the son should get the "A", since it is his school project. The dad replies with "That's what I said", but the son is shaking his head, no. The dad suggests they agree to disagree. 
"Science Project | 2014 Toyota Tundra"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

We need this to tow my science project. 
Ah, a do it all Tundra. Good timing. Our annual clearance event only happens once a year. 
We built a shuttle.  
A shuttle? 
Yeah, carbon fiber wings, the works. Better get an A. 
You mean he better get an A. 
That's what I said. Ah, agree to disagree. 
During Toyota's annual clearance event, get 0% APR financing on a 2014 Tundra. Offer ends September 2nd. For great deals on other Toyotas, visit 
It's gonna be great for my shuttle. 
My shuttle.  
Toyota. Let's go places.

Written Text

Annual Clearance Event 
0% APR Financing 
2014 Tundra 
For great deals on other Toyotas, visit 
Let's go places

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