A billion jeans. One of a kind stories.  
This is how the world lives in Levi’s. 
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The dream is to just have that one pair that fits amazingly. 
My jeans have traveled the world. 
We are in my studio in Paris in the Montmartre. It's the epicenter of my artistic life.  
I think street culture should happen on the street, so people can communicate with each other face to face.  
I think I kind of get most of my inspiration from, just like, the streets. No one cares what you're doing. No one cares what you wear. You can just be whoever you want.  
My first pair of Levi's, I wore them until they were worn out and then I cut them down to three quarters so they became shorts as well.  
These are definitely my favorite Levi's. I hope to eventually pass them on to my son.  
I'm Phillipe Zdar. 
I'm Alexis Krauss 
I'm the editor of 
My name is Safia Bahmed-Schwartz. 
My name is Sun Rui Xiang. 
I am a dancer.  
I am a painter. 
I'm a barber.  
Professional boxer. 
I'm Julia Sarr Jamois. 
This is how we live in Levi's. 
This is how I live in Levi's. 
This is how I live in Levi's. 
And this is how I live in Levi's. 
(Lyrics) Don't let me go 
Don't let me go 
Don't let me go 
Don't let me go 
Poisoned in the desert 
Stranded in the sand 
Her tongue press against my hopes now 
Liquid, it fills the mouth 
Spit it out 
We'll spit it out 
We'll spit it out 
We'll spit it out 
Baby, oh precious baby keep moving 
Show me some light 
Keep breathing 
Don't want you leaving 
Won't be the same without you 
It'll be alright 
It'll be alright 
It'll be alright 
It'll be alright

Written Text

The Live In Levi's Project 
A Billion Jeans. One Of A Kind Stories. 
This Is How The World Lives In Levi's. 
Alexandra Spencer 
Editor of 
Alexis Krauss 
Lead Singer Of Sleigh Bells 
Thomas and Ignacio 
Owners of Estella Restaurant 
Safia Bahmen-Schwartz 
Philippe Zdar 
Music Producer, Member of Cassius 
Sandrine Tonye 
Social Media Manager At Colette  
Himm Wonn 
Founder Of Urban Magazine 
Zhu Jiejing 
Sun Rui Xiang 
Motorcycle Enthusiast 
Julia Sarr-Jamois 
Stylist And Fashion Editor-At-Large At I-D Magazine 
Thomas Bushnell 
Jimi Lyons 
Musician, Teacher 
Matsu Yu 
Web Designer 
Nao Tsuchiyama 
Join the Project. 
Share how you #LiveInLevis. 
Live In Levi's

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