Jason Hall inspires thousands of people to witness the revitalization of Detroit from two wheels. As the cofounder of the Slow Roll city bike ride, Hall taps into his community spirit and his iPad to turn an idea into a movement. 
"Apple - iPad - TV Ad - Jason’s Verse"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) What it is, what you want? 
Live your life right 
Make the beat the bump 
It's like one for the treble 
Two for the bass 
Three for the pretty babies up in the place 
Come to the party in a B-boy stance 
I rock on the mic 
And the world wanna dance 
Fly like a dove 
That come from up above 
I'm rockin on the mic 
And you can call me Mos love 
Little homie you can call it what you want 
But you can't call it weak 
And you can't call it chump 
And looking like that 
Babe you need to call me up 
Seven eighteen D-a-n-t-e, one what? 
Oh, baby 
Oh, baby

Written Text

Jason Hall 
Community activist 
Rubber meets art 
Dinner at Albert's roof. Sunday: 6PM 
Detroit Bike City 
Jon Hughes: Your helmets arrived. 
I want this city to be: Slow Rolling 
Slow Roll Mondays 
Rubber Meets Art 
What will your verse be? 

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