A woman is sitting alone at a table in a bar. As she sits comfortably, listening to the band play, she takes her finger, which is finished with long, sharp, painted nails, and stirs her drink - a Cold Blooded Ginger. At the bottom of her glass is a bright red maraschino cherry. The woman takes her sharp nail and pierces the cherry, sending a hint of red through the drink. The woman pulls the cherry from the glass with her fingernail and brings it to her mouth. At a table in the distance, a man is closely watching the woman, partly in awe, perhaps partly in fear.  
"Southern Comfort | Shark | Whatever's Comfortable"

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(Lyrics) Hey there Little Red Riding Hood 
You sure are looking good 
You're everything a big bad wolf could want 
Little Red Riding Hood 
I don't think little big girls should 
Go walking in these spooky old woods alone 
What big eyes you have 
The kind of eyes that drive wolves mad 
So just to see that you don't get chased 
I think I ought to walk with you for a ways 
What full lips you have 
They're sure to lure someone bad 
So until you get to grandma's place 
I think you ought to walk with me and be safe

Written Text

"Make Mine Comfortable" 
Southern Comfort 
Whatever's Comfortable 
Want That Drink? 
HERE'S that drink.

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Southern Comfort

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Southern Comfort Commercial

Southern Comfort Commercial

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