Climb, strap, and dig in. Just don't forget to hold on. And yes, this actually happened. It's That Kind of Thrill. This Acura TLX commercial plays out like a roller coaster ride. It starts with a quick drive through a dark tunnel, coming out onto a curvy road, with several Acuras all in a single line. The cars drive along a twisting road, with mountains in the background and a large body of water off to the side. The ride ends with the line of cars heading in to another dark tunnel. "Acura - 2015 TLX - Rides That Require Waivers"

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(Lyrics) Who's that woman, that wonderful woman Looks so good but she ? I think she's ready, ready, ready for some trouble She's so fine she's probably breaking the law That girl is a queen

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Rides That Require Waivers It's That Kind Of Thrill The All-New 2015 TLX Acura

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