"World's Largest Urban Zipline" 
This ad shows people jumping off the supposed largest urban zipline. Unfortunately, they don't really ride the zipline - they just use it to jump from and then pull their parachutes. They might as well basejump off the building rather than riding the zipline for a few dozen feet. The line starts at the top of a building and runs across part of a bay onto the ground.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

My glasses fell off 
Okay, yeah, let's do this 
Let's go 
Lookin' in my eyes you never wanna cross me 
Sensei, cuz he's the one who taught me 
Bow down I'm the master chop 
Yo, anything you need I can blast a rock 
Fee Fi Fo da Fum, I can never have enough of cuttin' up on the run 
And the blade so sharp I could cut your hand 
My arms like a tree trunk, superman 
Lookin' for a fight I'll win it 
An enemy is all I see 
I'm close enough and I will finish 
'Til death this fight is all of me 
So high, so fly 
Give me strength to be

Written Text

Speed Stick Gear 
Panama City 
World's Largest Urban Zipline 
Film by Devin Graham 
Music by Scott & Brendo

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