Yahoo! Fashion Editor-in-Chief and Old Navy Style Ambassador, Joe Zee, pairs up with fashion bloggers, Ashley Flutz  
"Fall in Love with Joe Zee"

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Hi, I'm Joe Zee and I'm the Old Navy style ambassador this fall and today I'm on set with fashion bloggers, Ashley and Sydne. 
I love this floral, flirty skirt for fall. I paired it with an ankle bootie, a little stripes, it never hurts. Everyone has a denim jacket in their closet and I just think it's a perfect daytime look and to dinner even. 
Show them how you flirt in that flirty skirt. 
Speaking of shaking, this is the Shaker sweater, which I absolutely love. So it's really lightweight. You can pair it with jeans. Layer with a boyfriend shirt. It's such an essential. Burgundy hat makes it super fall. Gives it a bit of a '70s boho vibe.  
Definitely. I love it. 
Ooh, she's giving us Hallie Girl, don't you think? 
Fall in love with Old Navy this fall because you know what? I've fallen in love with these girls.  
(Lyrics) That's the sweetest little dress 
Sally, where'd you get the pattern  
Make me one just like it out of yellow dotted swiss 
Mama can I huh, Mama can I huh, huh 
Can I mama, won't you please let me, Mama can I, huh

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Old Navy 
Fall in Love 
Zoe Zee 
Editor-in-Chief Yahoo Fashion 
Ashley Flutz 
Sydne Summer 

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