Two women are living the good life, charging it all on their Capital One BuyPower credit card, racking up points that might just get them a brand new, or part of a brand new Chevrolet vehicle. Go to the spa, a fancy hotel, out for dinners and use your BuyPower Card to be rewarded. 
"Chevrolet BuyPower Cardâ„¢: Reward Yourself | Chevrolet"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What if there was a credit card where the reward was that new car smell and the freedom of the open road? Presenting the Chevrolet BuyPower Card from Capital One. Redeem earnings toward some or even all of a new Chevrolet with no limits. 
(Lyrics) Ooh ooh shake your body now? 
Gimme some, gimme some 
Gimme some, gimme some 
Gimme some

Written Text

Capital One 
BuyPower Card 
Your card is the key

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