This is a commercial for the internet jewelry service, JewelMint.com. "JewelMint TV Commercial, 'Express Your Style'"

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Love jewelry? Looking for a fun way to express your style? At jewelmint.com, you'll find a unique collection of designs all at unbelievable prices. Simply answer a few fun questions to build your style profile and we'll recommend pieces for you. Go to jewelmint.com today to find pieces starting at just $29.99. New collections every month. And free shipping. Plus for a limited time, get 25% off your first piece. (Lyrics) I'm living the good life I call it the good life I'm living the good life Good good life Good life This good life

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JewelMint www.jewelmint.com Starting At Just $29.99 New Collections Every Month Free Shipping Both Ways Get 25% Off Your First Piece

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