This is a YouTube advertisement about advertising your businesses with YouTube videos. This particular business is called LSTN Headphones - a company that sells beautiful headphones. The LSTN company uses some of the profits to help the Starkey Hearing Foundation restore hearing to the hearing impaired. 
"YouTube Video Ads - Watch it Work for Your Business"

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And now technically your device is on. Can you tell? Oh, it's exciting!  
(Lyrics) We're melting ruby hearts 
A confusing trade 
To burn the ore 
And to shape a blade 
Then to swing it low 
Beginners fate 
To lose a skin 
To just grow away 
Like a rain to help a river 
But a river so hard to please 
I lose my wish to drown 
And aimless flee 
And what you’ve thrown to lose 
Is still right here with me

Written Text

29 years old and I'm hearing myself for the 1st time! 
Check this out 
I have an idea... 
Bridge and Joe started a headphone company called LSTN 
Whose proceeds benefit the hearing impaired 
Start advertising on YouTube 
Create your video ad 
Ad text LSTN Headphones 
Buy headphones, give hearing 
Launch video ad 
For every pair sold, LSTN helps restore hearing through Starkey Hearing Foundation. 
Headphones Giving back. Amplified. 
Justin Lee 
Love that you can change a life just by purchasing these rad headphones! 
Doug Cox 
This business is doing it right. I teared up a little.  
Love :) 
Watch it work [for dreamers] 
Watch it work [for entrepreneurs] 
Watch it work [for you] 
[YouTube Video Ads] 
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