"Surface Pro 3 - Crowded" This ad shows two people working on their computers - one guy with a Mac and one with a Surface Pro 3. The guy with the Surface is talking about all the great features of his device, and the guy with the Mac is trying to keep up, but his laptop just doesn't stack up. The Mac brags about his processor, but the Surface was the same thing. The Surface guy says he's got a touch screen, but the only touch screen the Mac guy has is his (separate) iPad. The Surface guy also likes how he can write on the screen with a pen, but the Mac guy can only write on his paper notebook with his pen.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

So what is that? It's a Surface Pro 3. It's a tablet and a laptop. But it couldn't have the power of my Mac. This is an Intel Core i5. This does too. It runs Office, full Adobe Photoshop, and it's got a touch screen. Well, I have a touch screen too. Mmm. Well, this is my favorite thing. I can write with a pen. Well, so can I. Wow, I've got a lot of stuff to carry. You are more powerful than you think. (Lyrics) Whoa oo o o o I walking on my own two feet

Written Text

735 Franklin Rd Remodeling Start date 5.25 Sold The tablet that can replace your laptop. Surface Pro 3 Microsoft

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