This toothpaste commercial shows how Colgate Optic White Whine & Protect toothpaste can give you a dazzling, bright white smile. It can also clean up any wine-stained seashells you have lying around the house. Bonus! "Colgate Optic White Ad"

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How much whiter can your smile be? Introducing new Colgate Optic White White & Protect toothpaste. This shell is made of calcium that can absorb stains like tea. Brush one side with a regular whitening toothpaste and the other side with Optic White. It whitens deeper and it can stay white. Even after dipping it again, Colgate's WhiteSeal technology helps prevent stains from coming back. For a whiter smile that stays white. New Colgate Optic White Whiten & Protect.

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Colgate Optic White New Optic White Platinum White & Protect WhiteSeal Technology A Whiter Smile That Stays White

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