Find that picture-perfect look for photo day. This new school year, every little thing is a really big deal. A young girl is prepping herself for her new school photo. Before having her picture taken, she smooths out her pink lace dress, rolls up the sleeves of her blue (with white polka dots) button down blouse, adjusts her pink bracelets, folds down her lace trimmed white socks, adjusts her black and white striped T-shirt and positions the pink bow in her hair just right. Finally, she's ready for the school photographer to snap her picture. On the fourth take, her school picture is, well, picture perfect. The little girl is pleased with the process and moves out of the long line, letting the next school mate step up to the "X" on the floor. 
"Back to School 2014: Photo Day | Target Commercial"

Written Text

Picture-Perfect Style For All 
Every Little Thing Is A Really Big Deal 
Expect More. Pay Less.

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