This is a commercial for the 2014 television series 'Jane the Virgin' starring Gina Rodriguez. 
"Jane The Virgin - Gina Rodriguez Trailer"

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Meet the girl who's got everyone talking. 
You're pregnant. 
But I've never had sex! 
Critics are calling Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez flat-out amazing. There's nothing plain about Jane. 
You are way too defensive. 
I'm not defensive. 
She's funny, impressive, charming, ingenuous, a revelation. 
And I usually wear clam shells. 
Jane the Virgin is a star vehicle and Rodriguez is a star. 
I'm having a baby. Jane the Virgin, series premiere Monday, October 13th on The CW.

Written Text

"Breakout star" - The Hollywood Reporter 
"A real find" - 
"Rapturous" - TV Guide 
"Star presence" - TV Guide 
Jane the Virgin 
Gina Rodriguez 
"Flat-out amazing" - The Hollywood Reporter 
"There's nothing plain about Jane" - USA Today 
"Funny" - 
"Impressive" - The Hollywood Reporter 
"Charming" - 
"Ingenuous" - TV Guide 
"A revelation" - 
"Jane the Virgin is a star vehicle..." -  
"...and Gina Rodriguez is a star" - 
Series premiere Monday October 13 
The CW

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