This is a commercial for the 2014 television series 'Jane the Virgin' starring Gina Rodriguez. 
"Jane The Virgin - Miraculous Quote Trailer"

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Critics are giving it up for The CW's new series 'Jane the Virgin'. 
You're pregnant. 
But I've never had sex! 
Miraculous. There's nothing plain about CW's Jane. 
This will be the best part of your life.  
Gina Rodriguez is flat-out amazing and the breakout star of the fall season. 
I had sex with Bruce three days ago. 
What? Why are you telling me this? 
I don't know. What if you're like a religious messiah, I can't lie to a religious messiah. 
Jane the Virgin. Series premiere Monday, October 13th on The CW. 
(Lyrics) I want you like... 
Uh uh uh uh ah ah ah ah 
Be my lover boy, be my spark 
Be my fire boy in the dark 
Even though I'm out in the night

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The CW 
"Miraculous" - USA Today 
"There's nothing plain about CW's Jane." - USA Today 
"Gina Rodriguez is flat-out amazing"  
"the breakout star of the fall season." - The Hollywood Reporter 
Jane the Virgin 
series premiere Monday October 13

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