"Count On It | The Frobinsons" 
This ad shows members of the Frobinsons standing next to a smoking motorcycle. One of them calls his dad (a hamster) to come rescue them. The dad is with the rest of the family rolling up the ball return in a bowling alley.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Gordon: What if he doesn't pick up? 
Chuck: He's my dad, okay. He always picks up. 
Dad: Chucky! How's my boy doin'? 
Chuck: Uh, we're actually stuck in the middle of i27 right now. 
Dad: Hearing you loud and clear. I'm on my way. 
Chuck: Great. Thank you dad. Oh! 
Dad: Honey, roll my next frame. I'll be back in 10. 
Mom: But we're winning. 
Dad: The boys need me. 
Chuck: See, I told you he'd pick up. 
Gordon: We have a great dad. 
Chuck: I have a great dad. 
Announcer: When people count on you, count on America's newest network. Now with better call quality and high definition voice. Happy connecting.

Written Text

America's Newest Network 
Better Call Quality 
HD Voice 

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